Mount St. Mary’s University Pushes Campus-Wide Digital Transformation With Jenzabar One

Case Study

Learn how Mount St. Mary's University improved student satisfaction and experiences with Jenzabar One.

Mount St. Mary's University, a liberal arts university in Maryland, selected Jenzabar One to improve student experiences and enable more efficient operations. Before Jenzabar, MSMU experienced poor implementations from third-party vendors and struggled with time-consuming manual processes, which resulted in less-than-ideal student experiences. By implementing Jenzabar One, MSMU digitalized paper processes and drove a massive digital transformation across its entire campus. Thanks to Jenzabar One, MSMU streamlined tasks associated with managing payment plans, supporting online portals for parents and students, adding and dropping courses, viewing monthly billing statements, and more.

Download the case study to see how these improvements drastically improved student experiences and how Jenzabar provided guidance and best practices to support the MSMU team long after the software deployment.

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