Grove City College Leverages Jenzabar Analytics to Overcome Assumptions and Make Data-Informed Decisions

Success Story

Find out how Jenzabar's Program Insights Model helps Grove City College use accurate data to make better decisions about its academic portfolio.

Before partnering with Jenzabar, Grove City College, a liberal arts college in Grove City, PA, that enrolls about 2,200 full-time students, lacked insight into its academic portfolio, which impaired decision-making and caused data discrepancies. By implementing Jenzabar's Program Insights Model, a component of Jenzabar Analytics, the college can use accurate data, rather than assumptions, to make decisions that align with the college's long-term mission.

This case study highlights how Grove City College uses Jenzabar Analytics to:

  • Leverage data more effectively to remain aligned with the institution's long-term mission
  • Improve insight into academic programs by using real data, rather than relying on assumptions
  • Determine opportunistic areas of investment regarding its academic portfolio
  • Strengthen data integrity and accuracy across campus through a unified, integrated platform

Download the case study to learn more about the benefits of leveraging Jenzabar Analytics.

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