How Financial Aid Can Help Overcome Enrollment and Retention Challenges


Discover how you can improve student enrollment and retention by offering accurate and timely financial aid packages.

The decision to pursue higher education is weighed against a number of factors but often comes down to an individual's ability to pay for a college degree. Despite the unpredictable economy and many prospective learners challenging the pursuit of expensive post-secondary educations, institutions have an opportunity to improve student enrollment and retention by delivering competitive financial aid offers, which can tilt the scales by granting students monetary support.

Financial aid can include any combination of grants, scholarships, work-study jobs, and loans that provide funds for an individual’s college tuition and expenses. This white paper discusses how institutions can provide accurate, timely, and concise financial aid offers to attract new learners and encourage existing students to stay enrolled.

Listen to a recording of our white paper to learn more about:

  • The evolving role of financial aid and how to leverage it as a differentiator in higher education.
  • How offering timely and easy-to-understand financial aid offers can increase student enrollment.
  • How accurate and relevant financial aid packages can encourage students to return to campus.
  • How you can leverage student and institutional data to deliver highly competitive financial aid offers.

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