Unified Cloud Platform Solution Sheet

Unified Cloud Platform Solution Sheet

For the past decade or more, higher education’s needs have shifted alongside rapidly changing technology. Many institutions have taken incremental steps toward modernization, resulting in software ecosystems akin to patchwork quilts. These mismatched, piecemeal, often redundant tech stacks are now causing integration headaches and wreaking havoc on IT budgets. To ameliorate these issues, many institutions are turning away from best-of-breed software and toward comprehensive single-vendor solutions.

But in their attempts to digitally transform, institutions are coming up against challenges. To improve efficiency, maintain system security, secure enrollments, and maximize the value of your technology resources, you need a modern cloud platform created specifically for higher education.

What Can You Do With the Unified Cloud Platform?

  • Provide a seamless enterprise-grade experience for students and users across campus with a curated, out-of-the-box suite of solutions and services designed to accelerate modernization.
  • Improve operational efficiency, reduce staff burnout and turnover, and cultivate better student/staff relationships by automating formerly manual tasks.
  • Lower your cost of ownership and accelerate time-to-value by consolidating your tech stack, reducing technical debt, and mitigating shadow IT and overlapping third-party licenses.
  • Eliminate redundancies and improve user experiences across campus by having your student, HCM, and finance systems share a common interface.
  • Consolidate data, enable seamless collaboration between departments, and establish a sense of community for students and staff.

Empower Student Success

Engagement and persistence are the driving factors of student success. Our Unified Cloud Platform is designed to maximize student engagement while giving students the resources they need to persist in their educations. Our modern cloud platform was designed to provide frictionless online experiences. Its easy-to-use interface and always-on, self-service capabilities mean that your students can easily register for courses, get questions answered, pay tuition, and reach out to faculty and staff for support whenever and from wherever they choose.

Our Unified Cloud Platform also gives you the resources to help students persist through their academic journeys. You can improve student engagement by delivering and managing personalized, campus-wide communications across multiple channels all through a single system. You can offer clear, compelling financial aid packages that draw more students to campus and encourage their persistence through to graduation. And, by empowering your students to align their professional goals with their academic outcomes, you can drive student success in and beyond the classroom.

Unify Operations Across Campus

In today’s fast-paced and demanding higher education setting, you need to improve staff experiences, mitigate burnout, and attract top-tier talent, especially as employees get drawn away to lucrative job opportunities outside of higher education. The Unified Cloud Platform can make the lives of your staff easier through automation, simplifying traditionally complex business processes and eliminating the reliance on paper. Together, these make day-to-day tasks easier to accomplish and increase the amount of available time staff can spend on what matters most: engaging with students.

In uniting departments and systems on a modern cloud platform, the Unified Cloud Platform creates a single source of truth for data and communications. This increases operational visibility and transparency and enables your teams across campus to easily share resources so everyone is working off the same, most up-to-date information. With more consistent insight and operations, you can support better staff experiences and improve staff retention.

Unburden Your IT Team

This suite of solutions and services will ensure that you get the most value out of your technology investment. Our Unified Cloud Platform delivers that value by unburdening the IT office, eliminating staff burnout, and bringing together myriad systems under one roof. Out of the box, our Unified Cloud Platform gives you the agility, flexibility, and scalability to maximize operational efficiency from day one.

With the Unified Cloud Platform, you can reduce IT costs by eliminating manual overhead and minimizing expensive customizations. It enables you to seamlessly integrate third-party applications onto the Jenzabar One platform so you can unite data across systems and make informed decisions that accelerate innovation.

You can learn more about our Unified Cloud Platform here.