Student Retention Suite Solution Sheet

Student Retention Suite Solution Sheet

The relationship between an institution and its students is changing. Where students were once expected to be the drivers of their own success, many learners today consider their school to be the primary contributor to their ability to persist in their educations. Similarly, institutions now see themselves playing a key role in empowering student achievement. Schools are actively offering a wide breadth of experiences—academic, social, athletic, and more—to encourage students to persist and are striving to find new ways to help students overcome the challenges that might otherwise impede their educational journey.

Yet studies show that 1/3 of students do not complete their degree and 2/3 of those non-completing students drop out within their first year. Fortunately, you can combat these trends, better support your students, and build institutional efficiencies that will drive success.

What Can You Do With Our Student Retention Suite?

  • Identify, measure, and surpass important retention KPIs.
  • Empower staff to uncover and predict risk trends and causes, as well as provide them with the means to take timely action.
  • Create proactive intervention plans for specifically targeted cohorts and at-risk students.
  • Establish a consolidated view of all interactions with students so everyone is on the same page.
  • Strengthen your institution’s relationships with students and their families or influencers.
  • Eliminate data silos by forming a single source of truth for student enrollment, engagement, and success metrics.

Identify and Intervene With At-Risk Students Early

Half of the equation for driving student success and retention is finding which students are at risk of dropping or stopping out and applying the most effective intervention tactic appropriately. The Student Retention Suite, complete with advanced analytics, gives you the ability to define risk parameters that may indicate a learner is at risk of dropping out. These indicators can be based on academic, attendance, social, or other metrics and can be monitored in real time. They also provide your institution with measurable KPIs to rally around internally and share externally to indicate progress.

Additionally, our Student Retention Suite arms staff with tools to engage with learners that are approaching predefined risk markers. As a means of intervention, you can automatically send personalized communications on an individual’s preferred channel when they are nearing one of these thresholds. You can even enable advisors to act upon these alerts and set up a meeting with at-risk students to further mitigate risk.

Increase Ties to Your Institution

Students who are more engaged with an institution’s faculty and staff are more likely to feel connected, to seek out help, and to persist. Our Student Retention Suite strengthens ties between your institution and students by improving communications across the board. Our powerful communications and analytics technologies enable you to break through communication silos, engage with students on the channel of their choice, and track those engagements so that you can be more strategic about the way you connect with students and build relationships.

Craft more personalized, targeted communications and strengthen ties not only between your institution and students, but also between your institution and parents or other student influencers. While colleges have been historically wary of involving parents in a student’s educational journey, parents who feel a strong connection to the institution are more likely to help students persist through those journeys. By creating landing pages and targeted marketing and engagement content, the Student Retention Suite enables you to communicate with parents in ways that comply with FERPA regulations and gives parents points of pride to influence their children.

You can learn more about our Student Retention Suite here.