Strategic Enrollment Suite Solution Sheet

Strategic Enrollment Suite Solution Sheet

Let’s face it: Achieving enrollment goals in higher education has always been challenging. To identify, attract, communicate with, and enroll your right-fit learners, you need to stand out, demonstrate your institution’s value, and support applicants through an engaging enrollment process.

Fortunately, modern technology and new marketing strategies are helping institutions like yours overcome competitive and often unpredictable applicant pools. By eliminating data silos, improving communications with students, and using data to make more informed enrollment decisions, you can connect with prospective students in more meaningful ways.

What Can You Do With Our Strategic Enrollment Suite?

  • Drive enrollment, maximize yield, and achieve critical institutional objectives.
  • Identify, attract, and enroll right-fit students from diverse backgrounds.
  • Provide prospective students and their families with a premium, user-friendly, and digital enrollment experience.
  • Improve your brand by elevating the quality of your enrollment journey.
  • Support, guide, and nurture students through the enrollment process, nudging them to complete key actions on time.
  • Communicate with students in a personalized and timely manner to avoid frustration and melt.
  • Increase operational efficiency and free up your team to work on important recruitment activities with prospective families, students, and influencers.
  • Analyze real-time data in highly visual dashboards to drive strategic marketing and enrollment decisions.

Attract More Right-Fit Students

The Strategic Enrollment Suite enables you to highlight your institution’s brand and stand above the noise. Identify prospective students across demographics and drive engagement with targeted marketing strategies. By setting up automated, personalized, and fully branded communications, you can engage prospective students and their families on their desired channels—email, text, social media, print, and more—earlier and more effectively. Track campaign data and use advanced analytics to provide actionable insights that lead to better results.

With our Strategic Enrollment Suite, you can provide faster, smarter financial aid services and get award packages into the hands of potential students before your competitors. By simplifying the financial aid process, everyone from first-generation students to those with experienced parents can find answers to critical questions easily and on their own. You can also create personalized offer letters as a means of clarifying the type of aid being offered and highlighting the unique value of your institution.

Simplify the Enrollment Process and Personalize Support

The Strategic Enrollment Suite enables you to give learners more control over the enrollment process by providing mobile-friendly, self-service options, all while maintaining regular and personalized communications. To make the enrollment process even easier, you can send automated, targeted reminders about key deadlines and requirements.

By streamlining traditionally paper-heavy processes, the Strategic Enrollment Suite enables staff to spend less time on manual tasks and more time nurturing learners through the enrollment funnel. Enabling this level of personalization and engagement helps strengthen your brand and makes your institution stand out among competitors.

You can learn more about our Strategic Solution Suite here.