Jenzabar Workflow Product Sheet

Jenzabar Workflow - Workflow automation software for higher education

Higher Education Workflow Software That Connects Your Campus and Maximizes Efficiency

Despite digital transformation efforts, many departments in higher education still operate in technology silos, meaning cross-departmental programs like enrollment or student housing still include manual operations. The manual nature of these tasks not only increases the chance for error, but it consumes precious time and resources that staff might otherwise be expending on student-facing work. Jenzabar Workflow enables you to overcome these issues, streamline operations, and improve campus-wide efficiency by creating repeatable, automated workflows that connect staff, tasks, and resources across departments.

By empowering users to outline tasks and assign the people and resources required to accomplish those duties, Jenzabar Workflow fosters greater collaboration on your campus. Jenzabar Workflow gives you the means to overcome resource constraints, automate operations across campus, and gain back essential time to focus on what matters most: your students.

At a Glance

Jenzabar Workflow enables you to create flexible, customizable, and reusable workflows that connect stakeholders and tasks across campus. By giving staff the ability to define, manage, and optimize cross-departmental projects, Jenzabar Workflow eliminates the need for manual intervention and enhances collaboration on campus.


  • Customize workflows to meet your institution’s needs.
  • Offer staff a user-friendly and intuitive way to set up and manage automated workflows.
  • Leverage departmental data across your institution’s Jenzabar One ecosystem to enhance collaboration.
  • Set up customized rules and triggers to minimize manual intervention.
  • Run multiple workflows concurrently.
  • Enhance security with role-based access.
Jenzabar Workflow - Workflow automation software for higher education

Streamline Operations and Improve Student and Staff Experiences

Pre-integrated with your Jenzabar One ecosystem, Jenzabar Workflow allows you to break down departmental silos, tap into data across campus, and create automated processes that touch multiple teams. Jenzabar Workflow is also easy to learn, easy to use, and easy to manage, meaning all staff can keep workflows running efficiently even if there is turnover.

Automate Day-to-Day Campus Processes

By automating multi-step tasks, Jenzabar Workflow gives you the means to maximize resources, limit manual intervention, and reduce risk caused by human error.

  • Trigger actions based on predefined rules or conditions.
  • Set up workflows that are unique to your institution.
  • Run workflows sequentially or concurrently.

Deliver Better Student Experiences

By integrating with Jenzabar Communications and the rest of the Jenzabar One ecosystem, Jenzabar Workflow makes it easy to remind students when it’s their turn to accomplish essential tasks and automatically passes key information on to the next workflow stakeholder.

  • Remove operational barriers and keep tasks moving forward.
  • Give students easy access to view all their assigned tasks via their student portal.
  • Free up time for staff to engage directly with students.

Improve Staff Productivity and Satisfaction

Jenzabar Workflow simplifies how staff keep track of and advance their business processes, minimizing complexities and providing better user experiences across campus.

  • Provide staff with one central location to view all workflow tasks and requirements.
  • Facilitate cross-departmental collaboration to reach goals more quickly.
  • Give staff more control over and insight into processes that require cross- departmental cooperation.

Jenzabar Workflow is available through two different models: Jenzabar Workflow, which has base functionality, and Jenzabar Workflow Plus, which includes enhanced, licensed features.

Jenzabar Workflow

  • Workflows only support people.
  • Integrates with Jenzabar Communications and Jenzabar Communications Plus, supporting system events and outbound communications.
  • Supports base workflow events with requirements like to-dos, test scores, and more.
  • Includes a workflow status portlet, allowing students associated with workflows to view and manage their workflows via the campus portal.

Jenzabar Workflow Plus

  • Includes all features included in Jenzabar Workflow Base.
  • Supports people and objects, such as budgets, student conduct, HR hiring, building renovation, new course approvals, and more.
  • Supports specialized workflow tasks, allowing you to apply requirements for workflows, such as data changes, form submissions, and document uploads.
  • Enables users to build a sequence of items to occur that can be scheduled and automated. You can add workflows, run rules-based updates, and run stored procedures as well as long-running processes (academic recalculations, generate charges, etc.).
  • Allows users to define complex criteria and rules for business processes in the workflow.
  • An integration with DocuSign allows form signatures to be part of business processes.
  • An import queue feature allows users to automatically associate a workflow with a group of people/objects upon importing them into the application, removing manual dependencies.
  • Scheduled imports and import auto processing, new data management functionality, allows you to integrate workflows.
  • Workflow commenting allows users to have internal conversations about a workflow associated with a person/object.