Jenzabar Recruitment Product Sheet

Jenzabar Recruitment

Launch personalized outreach and recruitment strategies to enroll your best-fit students faster

Today’s hyper-competitive higher education environment requires institutions to target and engage with prospective students in relevant ways to increase the likelihood of enrollment. Personalization is vital and being able to communicate with prospective students through their desired channels can go a long way in enticing individuals to attend one institution over another. 

Maximize your recruitment efforts and enroll your best-fit students with Jenzabar Recruitment, which brings together modern communication tools into a comprehensive, cloud-based constituent relationship management (CRM) platform. Nurture relationships with prospective students, track engagement across every touchpoint from day one, and manage all recruitment programs through a user-friendly solution designed for higher education. 

At a Glance

Jenzabar Recruitment enables staff to spend less time on administrative work and focus on what matters: recruiting students. Jenzabar Recruitment enables institutions to capture vital student information, deliver personalized messages, and cultivate meaningful connections with prospective students and their families.

With a mobile-first online application and modern student portal, Jenzabar Recruitment enables students to start, track, complete, and submit their application through any device. It gives students and staff more control and less headache, which leads to faster and improved recruitment outcomes.


  • Accelerate email outreach, improve segmentation, and optimize engagement by automating workflows.
  • Create, send, and manage 1:1 text messages, including standardized messages and “nudges” for faster replies and more completed applications, through a centralized inbox.
  • Manage in-person and virtual events through a single system.
  • Allow students to start and complete their application online and enable staff to easily process application reviews and decisions.
  • Build and customize reports in real time so staff can use data to make timely and more informed recruitment decisions while monitoring funnel metrics.
Jenzabar Product Sheet Recruitment

We’ve seen uptakes in applications and have been able to streamline our processes on the back end. Jenzabar’s Recruitment module has helped in terms of getting the message out there a little more. And we can run instant reports to see where we are and tweak on the fly if we need to.

Todd Kleine, Chief Information Officer, Dominican University

Attract Today’s Learners, Simplify the Application Process, and Accelerate Decisions

Built on Salesforce, Jenzabar Recruitment is an automated, industry-leading CRM platform designed to minimize the time required to complete administrative tasks and maximize the time available to engage with prospective students and their families. Identify and recruit the best candidates for your institution.

Personalized Outreach

Create and send personalized communications to prospective students across channels. Jenzabar Recruitment empowers you to engage with prospective students and their parents meaningfully at scale.

  • Use a centralized platform to manage and send 1:1 personalized email, text, and other messages between students and staff.
  • Define rules and send customized messaging to specific audiences using automation to accelerate communications with prospective students.
  • Create, deliver, and track branded digital and print communication campaigns.

Online Application

Lower the barriers to entry and make it easier for students to apply through a mobile-first online application. Jenzabar Recruitment enables staff to accept application fees and enrollment deposits directly through the system to accelerate the entire application review and completion process.

  • Empower students to check the status of their application; review, upload, or submit missing documents; and more through a user-friendly application.
  • Build applications that meet your campus requirements and create specific elements that are dependent on your institution, unique majors, and more.
  • Reduce the number of lost applications and increase application completion rates.

Application Review

Empower your admissions department to evaluate applications electronically through Jenzabar Recruitment, simplifying and streamlining the review process. Jenzabar Recruitment enables you to delegate applications to different reviewers and respond to student applications faster.

  • Review an applicant’s test scores, letters of recommendation, and transcripts through a single web-based interface.
  • Customize your application review process by assigning applications to be reviewed by specific admissions staff or implement a multi-step review process.
  • Automatically update student records and kick off automated processes based on your review decisions.

Real-Time Data Management

Configure reports and analyze data from student applications in real time to empower data-driven decision-making. Jenzabar Recruitment allows you to review and record any information tracked on a student’s record, including how the lead was sourced as well as when a prospective student applied.

  • Create, manage, and save reports using any data pulled from the CRM.
  • Easily customize and build highly visual reports through a user-friendly drag-and-drop system without involving IT.
  • Share real-time metrics, insights, and dashboards across campus to enable data-driven decision-making.