Jenzabar One

The One Unified, Modern Solution to Drive Institutional and Student Success

Jenzabar One Brochure

Jenzabar One is an integrated ecosystem of cloud ERP, SIS, and point solutions to serve your entire campus and support your digital transformation needs.

Jenzabar One is a flexible, cloud platform designed exclusively for higher education institutions. As a powerful suite of modern solutions and services, Jenzabar One provides your campus with myriad ways to drive institutional and student success in an increasingly competitive and unpredictable landscape.

Jenzabar One is an award-winning platform built upon Jenzabar's 40+ years of experience. It gives your institution a student-oriented solution to deliver unparalleled experiences, and enables you to maximize resources without breaking the bank. Jenzabar One can help you open new business models, serve the growing demographic of non-traditional students, and support new modes of learning.

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What Can You Do With Jenzabar One?

  • Successfully navigate digital transformation and future-proof your campus.
  • Engage with the new student and help them thrive throughout their academic journeys and beyond.
  • Monetize new strategies and optimize performance across your campus.
  • Uncover your best path forward in an unpredictable higher education environment.
  • Build a lasting partnership with the industry’s most trusted solution provider.