Jenzabar HCM Product Sheet

Jenzabar HCM

Empower your personnel and put people first 

Take care of your most valuable assets—your people. Today’s employees expect fast, self-service access to important resources like pay and tax statements, time off requests, and benefits. Jenzabar HCM streamlines critical operations and frees up your HR professionals to focus on high-value efforts like improving employee experiences, retaining talent, and recruiting new team members. 

As a modern human capital management (HCM) platform offered on industry-leading Microsoft technology, Jenzabar HCM empowers your team to automate and optimize critical HR processes and improve decision-making with reports and analytics. From hiring to benefit tracking, from payroll processing to compensation, Jenzabar HCM helps you manage fast and accurate HR transactions using real-time information. 

At a Glance

Jenzabar HCM is a multi-functional information system optimized for higher education. It is designed to enable your institution to recruit and retain the best faculty and staff so you can fulfill your mission. 

The Personnel module is the heart of your employee recruiting and retention program. With just a few clicks, staff can manage applications and evaluate candidates with ease. 

The Payroll module processes and stores employee data, manages payroll and benefits administration, and supports regulatory and legal employment requirement compliance. 


  • Deeply integrated across the Jenzabar One ecosystem 
  • Powerful self-service tools provide friendly end-user access to essential information
  • Essential reporting for regulatory compliance
  • Accurate and secure data sharing
  • Recruiting workflows streamline hiring processes
Jenzabar HCM

Create an Outstanding HR Program

Jenzabar HCM streamlines processes, empowers employees with self-service on any device, and facilitates safe, accurate data flow across your entire institution. Its seamless interface with Jenzabar Student, Jenzabar Finance, Jenzabar Financial Aid, and Jenzabar Communications promotes a connected campus. 


Give your human resources staff, your managers, and your employees a single place to manage all their HR, recruiting, and staffing needs. Track applications for open positions and aid search committee reviews of candidates with automated workflows, including notifications, tasks, and messages. 

  • Centralize important information with an HR master calendar and new staff directory. 
  • Make sure no candidates fall through the cracks with application tracking and hiring process workflows. 
  • View and track open and filled positions with details on job definitions and requirements. 
  • Keep staff on track with notifications, tasks, and messages. 
  • Nudge recipients to complete desired actions via texting and automated emails. 
  • Support multiple positions per employee with clear tracking and reporting. 
  • Handle multiple work shift and accrual methods, including rates and differentials. 
  • Manage and track benefits to retain a healthy and happy workforce. 


Improve efficiency, reduce compliance concerns, and save time and money when processing your payroll. The Payroll module gives you all the tools you need to make payroll a snap, such as tracking and reporting all compensation-related activity and easily managing multiple positions per employee. To minimize workload, staff can use default times for hourly employees. This means staff can handle multiple work shifts and accrual methods, including rates and differentials, with ease.

  • Process payroll 
  • Store master information, such as position and salary histories, through a centralized solution. 
  • Manage time and attendance, and automatically calculate overtime. 
  • Centralize electronic forms, pay statements, W-2s, 1095-Cs, and more.
  • Manage federal and state wage and tax reports from a single system. 
  • Manage benefit accruals, personal time, vacations, salaries, and more. 
  • Implement modern leave request workflows. 
  • Maintain and track compensation adjustments.