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Campus Marketplace Product Sheet

Grow your non-traditional program offerings, enroll more students, and serve the needs of your community.

Higher education is facing myriad challenges associated with the perceived value of a four-year degree. As the cost of college rises and as employers adopt skills-based hiring practices over degree-based hiring, many would-be students are turning away from higher education

Simultaneously, businesses are struggling to address a growing skills gap. With more job vacancies than skilled employees, the enterprise sector is now challenged to find skilled workers and ways to upskill their workforce. Job seekers and college graduates are also looking for ways to gain the skills employers seek. Many are actively searching for non-traditional learning opportunities that will help them grow and succeed in their careers.

Higher education institutions are uniquely situated to address the skills gap and bridge the education/employment divide. With physical and online classroom space, top-tier faculty, and talented staff, they possess many of the resources necessary to create programs that address these issues and meet the needs of employers and learners alike. However, many institutions are missing important pieces of the equation: modern technology, marketing, and skills-based content. As a result, institutions aren’t equipped to serve an increasingly diverse learner population or support the ability to offer alternative credentials and non-traditional programs

Cutting-Edge Technology and Services to Build and Grow Your Non-Traditional Programs

Institutions need a dynamic platform that supports alternative education programs, enables enrollment growth, and addresses the needs of students and businesses alike. Campus Marketplace provides this support by unifying three components: software, marketing services, and skill bootcamps. In one holistic solution, Campus Marketplace brings together strategic marketing services, an online storefront, registration software, and prebuilt curricula. It is designed to support your institution as it starts, grows, and sustains non-traditional programs.

  • Manage every aspect of your non-traditional programming, including non-credit, dual-credit, continuing education, workforce development, and professional development programs, through a single solution.
  • Market and sell non-traditional programs through a modern, fully branded online storefront.
  • Deliver a familiar and user-friendly ecommerce experience that enables students on- and off-campus to easily enroll in non-traditional programs.
  • Attract new learners across demographics and drive traffic to your website with advanced marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) services.
  • Provide students the ability to demonstrate competencies through curated skills bootcamp content and curriculum.
  • Enhance relationships with local corporations by providing custom curricula and upskilling opportunities.
  • Enable seamless user experiences and data exchange between your existing systems when you integrate with Jenzabar One.

Launch Curated Curricula for Today’s Most In-Demand Skills

Creating non-traditional, skills-based programs and course curricula can be time-consuming. But your institution, your students, and your potential business partners do not have time to waste. This is why, as a part of Campus Marketplace, Jenzabar is offering skill bootcamps: curated curricula for today’s most in-demand skills

Each bootcamp contains an iterative weekly project that builds to a demonstrable portfolio piece, as well as detailed rubrics and discussion prompts for faculty. The courses are delivered to you in Common Cartridge format, which can be loaded into any major learning management system.

  • Launch non-traditional programs immediately by offering predesigned courses.
  • Reach new learners seeking to upskill or reskill by offering courses that align with regional, local, or community needs.
  • Give students easy access to indemand skills to better prepare them for professional success.
  • Partner with and provide custom curricula to corporations to upskill employees.
  • Give your non-traditional programming longevity by aligning with changing learner and employer needs.
  • Provide learners with demonstrable skills by incorporating capstone projects.