Jenzabar Launches Support for Competency-Based Education to Drive Enrollment and Student Success

CBE Enables Institutions to Offer a Wider Range of Academic Offerings and Allows Students to Learn at Their Own Pace

Boston, MA – May 21, 2020 Jenzabar, a leading technology innovator in higher education serving the new student, today announced the launch of its support for competency-based education (CBE) programs through the Jenzabar One suite. The Registration module in Jenzabar Student now supports CBE strategies, which can help higher education institutions drive enrollment and empower student success by presenting multiple, unique pathways to completion. Unlike conventional academic programs that measure student success based on their participation in an academic program for a standardized amount of time for a grade, CBE programs allow students to demonstrate their mastery and application of a skill or subject at their own pace.

Over the past decade, there has been an extraordinary increase in the number of students who work while attaining a post-secondary education. As this trend gains momentum, learners are demanding new, flexible, alternative educational models to help them develop new skills that will increase job prospects and career development.

Competency-based education can transform the traditional learning model. With CBE programs, institutions can offer modern and flexible learning environments that meet the needs of the new student, helping drive enrollment in a hypercompetitive landscape. Institutions can also work with local industries and employers to design coursework that aligns with specific market demands.

The Registration module in Jenzabar Student, its cutting-edge student information system, offers higher education institutions the ability to define and configure CBE programs with support for micro-credentials and badging. Using the Registration module in Jenzabar Student, the CBE add-on allows institutions to:

  • Define and configure competencies, competency types, and category levels based on specific institutional needs
  • Roll up or roll down grades for competencies and apply grading changes to the appropriate courses
  • Offer open entry and early exit flexibility for students to complete courses as quickly as they master the content
  • Choose between displaying competencies on current transcripts or supplemental transcripts

“CBE has been growing in demand across higher education and will likely continue to rise as the pandemic transforms the way individuals view and approach post-secondary educations. We are excited to offer CBE capabilities to institutions that want to offer their students more freedom and flexibility in how they learn and demonstrate their understanding of a subject,” said Rob Powell, Product Manager at Jenzabar. “Our support for CBE will allow institutions to develop more personalized, self-paced learning experiences that can give students an advantage in today’s competitive business world.”

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