Jenzabar Introduces AI-Powered Higher Education Chatbot to Deliver On-Demand Student Support

Provide Quick Responses to Repetitive Requests and Scale Self-Service Student Support, Acquire Real-Time Insight Into Student Satisfaction Levels, Leverage Jenzabar Chatbot for Free Through December 31, 2020

Boston, MA – October 20, 2020 Jenzabar, a leading technology innovator in higher education serving the new student, today announced the launch of Jenzabar Chatbot, a new artificial intelligence (AI) conversation agent designed specifically for higher education. Jenzabar Chatbot offers a faster, more convenient way for students to get the information they need at any time, while freeing up time for support personnel to work on more complex issues. It also provides institutions with real-time insight into student satisfaction levels through a one-click micro-satisfaction survey. Now through December 31, 2020, up to 100 institutions can leverage Jenzabar Chatbot for free.

“As shifting dynamics around the globe challenge the traditional student experience, institutions must find innovative ways to engage with and support students on their preferred channels,” said Les Zimmerman, Vice President of Product Development at Jenzabar. “Our AI-powered Chatbot is a natural fit to address this need, providing institutions with a means to enable self-service support as well as an avenue to develop more personalized engagement when necessary.”

Deliver AI-Driven, Self-Service, and Scalable Support

Powered by artificial intelligence and natural language processing, Jenzabar Chatbot gets smarter with use. It is preconfigured with hundreds of similarly phrased, commonly asked questions and answers, but institutions can configure additional queries tailored to their campus. Over time, Jenzabar Chatbot will learn and evolve with every question.

Students can ask a nearly limitless array of questions anytime, anywhere, and receive instant answers on their digital device of choice without having to navigate through campus resources or interact with staff. This can clear roadblocks and increase student confidence. Meanwhile, the self-service nature of Jenzabar Chatbot alleviates the need for staff to answer repetitive questions, freeing up time to engage personally with students on more complicated needs. This dual avenue of support means institutions can direct students to an on-demand, self-service channel for more commonly asked questions.

Jenzabar Chatbot was recently included in The Tambellini Group’s AI Chatbot Brief published in September 2020. The brief covered the needs and expectations for chatbots in higher education.

“The Tambellini Group estimates that 15 percent of the North American higher education market will have adopted at least one AI chatbot by the end of 2020, and we expect to see adoption grow significantly over the next several years,” said Raechelle Clemmons, Vice President of Industry Relations and Corporate Strategy at The Tambellini Group. “Institutions that are seeking ways to address current and emerging higher education trends should explore chatbots as one potential tool to support both student and operational needs.”

Gain Real-Time Student Insight via Micro-Satisfaction Survey

Jenzabar Chatbot deploys an easy, one-click micro-satisfaction survey with every engagement, which can provide insight into student satisfaction. The survey leverages familiar emoticons and asks the user to share their current emotions, essentially taking a campus-wide pulse of student happiness, attitudes, and motivations.

Prioritize Student Safety with Flagging Feature

Jenzabar Chatbot prioritizes student safety. If a student’s feedback indicates self-harm or a threat towards others, the chatbot immediately flags the conversation and provides a confidential notification through the appropriate channels. This feature means that Jenzabar Chatbot prioritizes student safety while supporting compliance with the Clery Act, a law aimed to provide transparency into campus crime policies and statistics.

As an always-on, digital engagement channel, Jenzabar Chatbot works with any student information system. For more information, please visit

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