Jenzabar and Spark451 Launch Strategic Enrollment and Retention Suites to Power Institutions to Find, Enroll, and Retain More Right-Fit Students

The Strategic Enrollment Suite and Student Retention Suite Are Designed to Help Institutions Thrive Amidst Continued Enrollment Declines and Retention Challenges

Boston, MA – May 31, 2023 Jenzabar, Inc., a leading technology innovator in higher education serving the new student, and Spark451, Jenzabar’s recently acquired enrollment marketing arm, today announced the release of their Strategic Enrollment and Student Retention Suites. The solutions aim to change how institutions meet enrollment goals and support students’ success throughout their learning journeys. By combining Jenzabar’s award-winning solutions with Spark451’s strategic marketing services, the Strategic Enrollment and Student Retention Suites enable institutions to take a multipronged approach to getting and keeping more students on their physical and digital campuses. 

While incoming freshmen classes are expected to increase in the next two years, experts predict that colleges will see a dramatic decrease in student enrollments between 2025-2029, brought on by birthrate declines in the years following the 2008 recession. The Strategic Enrollment and Student Retention Suites are designed to help colleges and universities respond to the impending enrollment cliff by helping them find, attract, enroll, and retain more right-fit learners.

“As institutions strive to enroll more students and retain them through graduation, they need to leverage contemporary tools like cloud-based technologies as well as intelligent marketing and communications,” said Steve Kerge, Co-Founder of Spark451 and Vice President of Enrollment Marketing at Jenzabar. “Bringing together Jenzabar technology and Spark451 services ensures that our customers have the resources and capabilities to thrive as higher education evolves to meet the demands of industry and society.”

Strategic Enrollment Suite Enables Institutions to Find and Enroll More Right-Fit Students

The Strategic Enrollment Suite is designed to help institutions stand out from the crowd and improve the overall enrollment process. As a part of the Strategic Enrollment Suite, institutions can utilize Spark451’s strategic marketing services to identify potential students and drive engagement through target marketing campaigns. Institutions can also better track and analyze campaign data and use that insight to improve processes across the board. 

Providing students with a mobile-first, user-friendly enrollment experience and providing staff with powerful communications software, the Strategic Enrollment Suite makes it easier for staff to support students through the enrollment funnel. Institutions will also be able to offer students faster financial aid packages, complete with personalized offer letters.

Student Retention Suite Empowers Student Success and Improves Persistence

The Student Retention Suite is a multifaceted solution built to identify and support struggling students as well as improve student-staff relationships. Jenzabar’s robust retention software enables staff to identify at-risk students and quickly intervene. Advanced analytics help staff determine the most effective ways to engage with students, and the solution’s powerful communications capabilities help staff strengthen relationships with students by conducting outreach on a student’s preferred channel. 

The Student Retention Suite enables institutions to bolster their role in driving student success by engaging with outside influencers that support student retention. As part of the solution, Spark451’s services empower institutions to create landing pages and targeted marketing content designed for key student influencers like parents and other family members. Keeping parents engaged in the college experience in a way that complies with FERPA regulations can help ensure struggling students get additional support to help them stay enrolled.

“Our Strategic Enrollment and Student Retention Suites, as well as our Unified Cloud Platform, are arriving at a time when colleges and universities across the country are strategizing new ways to meet enrollment, institutional, and student success goals,” said Ling Chai, Founder, President, and CEO of Jenzabar. “At Jenzabar, we remain dedicated to ensuring our customers have everything they need to keep students engaged throughout their learning experiences.”


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