President Playbook: How to Support Transformation

Your Guide to Promoting Institutional Sustainability and Student Success

When presidents and CIOs collaborate effectively, they can drive lasting, positive change on campus.

Presidents and CIOs/CTOs are allies on campus and should work together, closely, to drive change and transformation across campus. Presidents should not only have a firm grasp on the technological capabilities of their institution, but should also ensure that their CIO or CTO has a seat at the table. Likewise, CIOs and CTOs should be transparent with their presidents and be advocates for using technology to enable a culture of change across the entire organization.

In this checklist, we highlight steps that presidents and CIOs/CTOs can take to support and drive digital transformation, giving their institutions more room for growth and greater opportunities to promote student success and long-term sustainability in an increasingly competitive and unpredictable environment.

Download this checklist today to ensure your campus leadership is on the right track forward.