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One Solution to Empower Student Success

As a student-centric solution, Jenzabar One enables you to deliver personalized experiences across every step of the learner’s journey, from their first interaction as a prospect to their matriculation, graduation, and eventual development into an alumnus and advocate. Jenzabar One helps students connect their professional goals with academic outcomes to maximize persistence and success.

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annual revenue opportunity by improving student success and graduation rates

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Engage with the new student and help them thrive throughout their academic journeys and beyond.

Deliver personalized experiences for all types of students at every step of their learning journey, wherever they are.

Develop flexible and engaging in-person, online, or hybrid learning environments.

Improve employability after graduation by offering in-demand academic programs and career-focused advising.

Support and enable always-on, omnichannel, self-service experiences.

"The important thing is that Jenzabar meets the needs of small to midsize colleges and universities. Our all-inclusive software drives efficiency throughout the campus in order to easily bring a student from inquiry status to Bluffton alumni."

Deb Turner, Chief Information Technology Officer, Bluffton University


of institutions prefer to leverage multiple systems from a single vendor

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One Ecosystem to Power the Digital Campus

As an integrated ecosystem of cloud ERP, SIS, and point solutions to serve your entire campus, Jenzabar One supports your digital transformation needs today and in the future. By eliminating data and departmental silos and enabling unparalleled collaboration across campus, Jenzabar One gives you the agility, flexibility, and scalability to keep pace with the evolving higher education environment.

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Successfully navigate digital transformation and future-proof your campus.

Accelerate innovation and improve competitiveness by making data-informed decisions.

Unify operations by leveraging a centralized, single system of record with solutions that serve the need of every department on campus.

Enable new levels of agility and scalability while protecting data more efficiently through the cloud.

Provide a seamless user experience that connects your staff and students on one modern platform.

Jenzabar has truly changed the way we work as an organization. Jenzabar One is easy to use, incredibly customizable and really, really powerful. It has streamlined our processes more than I could have ever imagined.

Eric Albert, Director of Technology, Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary

One Platform to Maximize Value

Jenzabar One is a platform designed to drive institutional growth, maximize campus resources, and reduce costs by optimizing business operations through digital transformation. Deployed on-time, on-budget, Jenzabar One can help you quickly uncover new opportunities to increase revenue, minimize costs, and reduce time to value.

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Monetize new strategies and optimize performance across your campus.

Streamline processes by automating and configuring flexible workflows

Improve visibility and productivity by enabling crossdepartment collaboration.

Accelerate strategic growth by using new technologies to attract right-fit students, boost retention, and strengthen donor relationships.

Reduce IT costs and staff burnout by minimizing customization and complex integrations.

The Jenzabar team clearly understood our unique business goals and helped us put in place a system that exceeded our financial and operational aspirations.

Rusty Bruns, Chief Information Officer, Charleston Southern University


of our customers surveyed said that Jenzabar has helped their institutions propel growth

One Vision for the Future

Recognized for innovation and its breakthrough use of modern technologies, Jenzabar One can meet the evolving needs of higher education institutions by giving them the resources they need today as well as the tools to anticipate the needs of tomorrow. It empowers colleges and universities to open new business models, serve the growing demographic of non-traditional students, and support new modes of learning.

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Uncover your best path forward in an unpredictable higher education environment.

Facilitate new business models with competency-based education, micro-credentialing, badging, and more.

Improve access to modern learning experiences and positive student outcomes.

Offer courses that meet market demand, drive enrollment, increase persistence, and improve graduate employability.

Lower IT and operating expenses to open opportunities for investment and innovation.

Jenzabar allows us to use accurate data to make informed decisions that will support our long-term viability in an otherwise unpredictable economy.

John Inman, Vice President for Enrollment Services & Registrar, Grove City College

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