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Jenzabar One is a Unified Cloud-Ready Higher Ed Platform.

Jenzabar One modernizes your organization to support the new student. Check out what the Jenzabar One suite has to offer:

  • Jenzabar Analytics: Make decisions with confidence
  • Jenzabar eLearning: Deliver a powerful learning environment 
  • Jenzabar Enrollment: Attract and enroll your best-fit students
  • Jenzabar Finance: Reach your institutional goals
  • Jenzabar Financial Aid: Simplify and automate financial aid
  • Jenzabar Fundraising: Multiply your fundraising success
  • Jenzabar Human Resources: Put people first
  • Jenzabar Retention: Promote student success through completion
  • Jenzabar Student: Rely on higher education's top choice

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