Jenzabar Workflow

Webinar Series

Join Us for the Jenzabar Workflow Webinar Series

Are you looking to improve your campus’s efficiency and automation and optimize your processes? Join us for our three-part webinar series and dive deep into our latest product: Jenzabar Workflow.

This webinar series will explore why you need Jenzabar Workflow and showcase how it can unlock new capabilities to streamline operations, empower staff and students, and dramatically impact your institutional and student success programs.

Presented by: Michelle Way, Senior Product Manager at Jenzabar, and Ralph Stewart, Senior Solutions Consultant at Jenzabar

This Just In: Jenzabar Workflow

August 7 | 2:00 PM EST

The workflow game is about to change. Get ready to meet Jenzabar Workflow, your campus’s must-have tool for automation and efficiency. In this webinar, we will introduce the newest addition to our product lineup and explore the features and benefits of Jenzabar’s latest solution.

  • Learn why you need Jenzabar Workflow on your campus.
  • See how Jenzabar Workflow compliments the Jenzabar One ecosystem.
  • Uncover unique innovation opportunities presented by Jenzabar Workflow.

Michelle Way
Senior Product Manager, Jenzabar

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The Dynamic Duo: Exploring Jenzabar Workflow and Jenzabar Communications Integration

August 21 | 2:00 PM EST

Witness your campus’s newest superpower in action and discover what possibilities unfold when Jenzabar Workflow and Jenzabar Communications join forces. Join us for a showcase of how these integrated solutions can create a more connected campus to drive collaboration and accelerate staff and student efficiency.

  • Discover how Jenzabar Workflow and Jenzabar Communications work together seamlessly.
  • Explore powerful automations this latest alliance unlocks.
  • Learn how you can improve communication and collaboration across campus departments.

Michelle Way
Senior Product Manager, Jenzabar

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Demo: The Powerful Possibilities of Jenzabar Workflow

September 11 | 2:00 PM EST

It’s time to see Jenzabar Workflow in action! Join us for an in-depth demonstration of the features, functionalities, and real-world applications of Jenzabar Workflow. Discover how you can leverage Jenzabar Workflow to break down departmental silos, automate time-consuming tasks, and empower both staff and students.

  • Discover how to customize workflows to meet your institution’s needs.
  • Discover how Jenzabar Workflow can improve experiences across campus.
  • Learn how to Jenzabar Workflow can reduce your dependency on manual processes.

Ralph Stewart
Senior Solutions Consultant, Jenzabar

Michelle Way
Senior Product Manager, Jenzabar

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