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Drive Your Digital Transformation With an Experienced Partner

When planning your digital transformation, trust the company that’s been there from the outset. At Jenzabar, we’ve been providing higher education technology solutions for over 30 years. We understand the dynamic, complicated landscapes institutions navigate and use our deep industry knowledge to craft solutions for each challenge that might arise.

We built Jenzabar One to respond to the evolving needs of your students and your institution. By partnering with an industry expert, you get a system built to enable institutional success and a company that will support you through the years to come. Trust us to get you up and running on a modern system that will power your transformation into a digital campus.

Drive Your Digital Transformation With an Experienced Partner

Why Jenzabar One?

Deep Higher Education Industry Expertise

Jenzabar has over three decades of higher education experience. Our solutions were designed to give your campus the resources it needs to drive institutional and student success.

Modern SIS Capabilities

Jenzabar One’s cloud-ready student information system helps you meet the needs of your students, faculty, and staff as you transform into a digital campus.

On-Time, On-Budget Implementation

Jenzabar One is implemented 100% on time and on budget. Work with our teams to build a schedule that gets your institution up and running without delay.

Transform Your Campus With a Trusted Partner

Jenzabar One was built by industry experts for higher education and designed with your students, faculty, and staff needs in mind. Using our deep domain knowledge, we created an easy-to-use, cloud-ready system with rich communications features and predictive modeling capabilities so that your institution has the tools it requires to operate smoothly and meet the ever-changing needs of your campus. We understand the challenges institutions face, and our system is powered by data analytics to give you the information you need to meet those challenges head on.  


  • Partner with a company founded on the principles of creativity and collaboration.
  • Accomplish your mission by leveraging Jenzabar’s vast education expertise and resources.
  • Trust your implementation concerns to Jenzabar’s expert and experienced team.
  • Effortlessly integrate your entire campus through a single, comprehensive system.
  • Implement your new higher education ERP system on time and on budget.
  • Ensure your future with a cloud-ready, easy-to-update system.

Transform Your Campus With a Trusted Partner

The knowledge and experience of the Jenzabar team were unmatched. We felt comfortable asking for their expertise beyond the technology, knowing Jenzabar is a leader in the higher education industry.

Sara Laird

Chief Technology Officer


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