Jenzabar Introduces Enhanced Functionality for Jenzabar One Student System to Transform Student Engagement

October 25, 2018   |  
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New Mobile Engagement Tools, Integration and Modern User Interface Provide Better Experience for the New Student.

Jenzabar, today announced new enhancements to its Jenzabar One cloud-based student system that improves and simplifies the student experience. Through Jenzabar’s new mobile student engagement tools, integrated platform and simplified user interface, higher education institutions will be able to deliver modern campus services that increase engagement and make it easier for the new student to reach their highest potential.

Today’s students are digital natives, very comfortable with their mobile devices and expect their communications with institutions to be effortless. The new student expects 24/7 access to information and a higher-level user experience in all of their digital interactions including with their educational institution. In addition, the new traditional higher education student is shifting to become an adult learner over the age of 25, trying to balance work, school and family, and needing more flexible educational and support programs to fit their needs.

“Students find university digital services incredibly frustrating to use, with too many steps in the processes, and information that’s hard to find and hard to get answers about when needed,” said Ling Chai Maginn, President and CEO of Jenzabar. “Colleges and universities must adapt to the changing expectations of the new higher ed student. With Jenzabar One, campuses can easily transition to a cloud-based student-centered approach that brings a new level of agility to accommodate this wider variety of students in today’s higher education ecosystem and allow them to become more competitive.”

Jenzabar One is a unified student system that enables higher education institutions to become more agile and responsive to the demanding needs and expectations of the new student. The newly enhanced suite puts the student at the center with the following new features:

  • Mobile access to more easily manage day-to-day life on campus and empower students. Jenzabar One can now become an integral part of the daily life of students by using their mobile devices to take care of all of their campus needs. Its mobile-ready modules create self-service capabilities for students so that they can now register for classes, pay their bill, or connect with advisors from anywhere at any time.  Students are more accountable and engaged with easy, instant access to real-time student performance for overall academic success.

  • Integrated, flexible and unified student system to simplify the student experience. Jenzabar One has been re-designed around the needs of the new student to create an integrated, modern cloud-ready student system, incorporating data and processes from ERP, finance, human resources and its student information system (SIS) modules. Students can navigate with ease and access all of the information they need from their device.

    With Jenzabar One, higher education institutions have greater power and flexibility to choose which modules they need and integrate them easily. Campuses can simplify processes, streamline operations and modernize their infrastructure to enhance operational efficiencies and eliminate siloed bureaucracy. Administrators can get a real-time 360-degree view of the student to identify “at-risk” students early to increase retention and student success.

  • Simplified user interface for a superior experience. Jenzabar One has a newly designed, modern user interface that is easier to navigate, designed around workflows and is intuitive. Now anyone – students and administrators - can access to their campus needs faster and more effectively for better decision making, with real-time information, profiles, and activity.

  • Enhanced predictive analytics for better student outcomes. Jenzabar One now incorporates custom and powerful predictive modeling that allows campuses to know which students are at risk of not returning so that they can proactively intervene, increasing retention and improving student success.

  • New engagement tools at each touchpoint throughout the student journey. With enhanced workflow, calendaring, messaging and collaborative capabilities, Jenzabar One provides a platform for engaging students in a more personalized way.

Jenzabar One is a comprehensive, flexible student system that offers the following modules that can be customized for a particular institution’s needs:

  • Jenzabar ® Student optimizes operations to enhance engagement and satisfaction with a comprehensive, fully-scalable and integrated administrative platform to manage your student information and services.

  • Jenzabar® Recruitment allows admissions professionals to easily attract and enroll your best-fit students with the industry’s leading recruitment CRM platform.

  • Jenzabar ® Retention improves student outcomes with state-of-the-art student success and retention system. 

  • Jenzabar ® Finance is a comprehensive, secure, and integrated financial management platform designed exclusively for higher education.

  • Jenzabar® Financial Aid provides faster, smarter financial aid service with advanced automation, packaging, and reporting system for higher education financial aid.

  • Jenzabar ® Human Resources offers better employee satisfaction, retention services, and modern recruiting strategies with a multi-function Human Resources Information System optimized for higher education.

  • Jenzabar ® eLearning is a powerful, easy to use learning management system that delivers all the tools your faculty needs to deliver courses in the way modern students learn.

  • Jenzabar ® Advancement is a fundraising toolset that integrates constituent management, cultivation tracking, campaign and gift accounting into a single system.

  • Jenzabar ® Higher Reach is an administrative platform for continuing education and workforce development that helps grow revenue, maximize enrollment, and optimize efficiency.

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