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The numbers are discouraging. Fewer than 40 percent of students enrolling for the first time at four-year colleges graduate on time. Add in community college students and more than half of students who start college drop out within six years, reports the Washington Post.

For low-income first-generation students, the demographic projected to soon make up the majority of college students, the numbers get worse. The dropout rate for these students jumps to 89 percent. More than a quarter of low-income first-generation students leave after their first year—four times the dropout rate of higher-income second-generation students.

To turn these numbers around, institutions need to create campuses that foster student success. Every tool and every technology needs to increase retention and graduation rates. Every system needs to be designed with the student at the center.

Enhanced Features for Enhanced Success

To enable institutions to build success-friendly campuses, we've made Jenzabar Student, the registration module for Jenzabar One, even more student-centric.

We've enhanced Jenzabar Student with new personalized course planning and scheduling capabilities, added granular grade information, and improved registrar functionality. The system manages enrollment data quickly and efficiently, allowing institutions to easily determine space availability, course conflicts, course prerequisites, and non-course prerequisites.

The new enhancements include:

  • New student registration features. Jenzabar Student gives each student a customized registration experience. It provides an online scheduling grid that students can use to map out and register for the courses they need to complete their degree.
  • Improved student home page. Upon logging in, students can now view their academic, advising, registration, financial aid, and billing information all in one place. 
  • Access to more grade reports. To make sure students know exactly where they stand academically, Jenzabar Student lets them view grade reports for all grade periods, not just for midterm and final grades.
  • A single academic information portlet. All student data is accessible in one centralized location. Students can now easily find their degree program information, their advisors' contact information, their registration hold information, and the steps needed to resolve any holds.
  • Streamlined registrar process. Jenzabar Student's new streamlined process allow registrars to register multiple students in multiple sections at one time. They can also make mass edits and edit data elements on multiple entities at once.

“Colleges and universities are seeking ways to create a student-centric campus experience that satisfy student’s technology expectations,” said Melanie Common, Product Manager, Student at Jenzabar. “Jenzabar One is a true partner in helping colleges and universities stay competitive and agile, focused on integrating new technologies that help serve the needs of the new student. Our new enhancements leverage best practices in academic planning, providing students a smoother graduation path.”

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