Jenzabar's Student Success Solution

Improve Student Success, Outcomes, and Completion Rates

Foster a student-centric culture that focuses on collaboration, engagement, communication, and support to improve student outcomes and success. Leverage student data to identify at-risk students and build lasting, rewarding relationships with students through a single, cohesive ecosystem.

Why Our Solution?

Foster Long-Term Relationships With Students

Facilitate faculty and staff to build more rewarding relationships with students in and outside of the classroom.

Improve Student Retention

Analyze student data to spot trends, identify root causes, and engage with at-risk students to reduce attrition.

Create Personalized Learning Pathways

Eliminate learning journey detours to reduce unnecessary student debt and increase student satisfaction.

By the Numbers


increased performance and persistence prediction accuracy


of institutions prioritize student success and completion rates


of students want self-service online applications

Explore Your Solution

Jenzabar Student

Advise students with personalized career coaching and guidance.

Jenzabar Chatbot

Empower students with a self-service, AI-driven digital engagement channel.

Jenzabar Retention

Promote student success through to completion.

Jenzabar eLearning

Deliver modern classroom experiences for the new student.

Jenzabar Analytics

Turn complex student data into actionable intelligence to take actions.

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