Jenzabar One

A Unified Cloud-Ready Higher Ed Platform

Jenzabar One is a flexible, cloud-ready platform exclusive to higher education. Our powerful suite of technology products and services provides your campus with mobile-friendly solutions to drive institutional and student success.

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Enterprise Resource Planning

Build an institution where staff, students, and faculty work seamlessly together. Jenzabar improves the efficiencies of your administrative processes by automating, aligning, and connecting them.

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Student Information Systems

Jenzabar offers the best-selling SIS solutions on the market. Our solutions create a mobile-friendly environment for everything from registration to advising to student life.

We need to win the enrollment race.

Financial Aid

Be the first to get your financial aid award package into the hands of prospective students. Jenzabar lets you create award packages not only more quickly, but more accurately.

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