Jenzabar Solution: Integration Platform

Integration Platform

Eliminate Data and Application Silos to Improve Efficiency

Why You Need an Integrated Campus

IT ecosystems across higher education campuses have grown increasingly diverse as new devices, user experiences, and general tech-savviness proliferate. In many cases, IT departments need to find creative ways to integrate the disjointed applications installed across departments in order to eliminate data silos, improve productivity, and mitigate risk. Jenzabar’s Integration Platform solution can help you bridge the gap between applications so information can be shared across campus safely and efficiently.

Built on a state-of-the-art platform, Jenzabar’s solution offers out-of-the-box application programming interfaces (APIs) and the means to onboard your own APIs to cater integrations to your specific IT needs. Modernize your infrastructure to keep pace with your digital transformation goals and seamlessly connect campus-wide applications through a user-friendly, drag-and-drop platform.

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Why You Need an Integrated Campus

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Seamlessly integrate your entire campus to eliminate application, data, and department silos that negatively impact performance.

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