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Financial Aid

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How to Win the Enrollment Race

Higher education enrollment has fallen nearly 9 percent since 2011, leading to fierce competition for students. Being the first to get your financial aid award package into the hands of prospective students can give you the winning edge. With Jenzabar’s Financial Aid solutions, you’ll not only create award packages more quickly, you’ll create them accurately.

Jenzabar offers state-of-the-art automation, packaging, and reporting solutions. Send out award packages faster with built-in automation. Complete your monthly reconciliations in one click. Easily connect with the Federal Common Origination and Disbursement System.

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How to Win the Enrollment Race

We knew that Jenzabar was leading the higher education industry technologically, but it was their hands-on partnership approach that really stood out. The Jenzabar team clearly understood our unique business goals and helped us put in place a system that exceeded our financial and operational aspirations.

Rusty Bruns, Chief Information Officer, Charleston Southern University

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Getting your award package into the hands of a potential student first can be the difference between meeting your enrollment goal and missing it.

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