Fireside Chat: A Paperless Higher Education and the Future of ECM

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Learn more about the future of ECM and how going paperless can have a lasting positive impact on your campus.

The evolution of higher education has led to increased digitalization and the rise of paperless enterprise content management (ECM) processes and systems. Watch our webinar with Softdocs to discover the future of paperless ECM and what your institution can do today to make online resources more available to students and staff.

Our webinar includes topics such as:

  • Real-world experiences and lessons learned from the pandemic.
  • The core elements that make it possible to go paperless.
  • The myriad digitalization challenges facing colleges and universities.

Andrew Daniel

Vice President of Sales & Strategy,

Dane Clarke

Principal Consultant-ECM Solutions
DBS (Docubase)

Jeff Elliott

Director of Product Management

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