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Personalize how you engage with and recruit students earlier to improve enrollment outcomes.

Enrollment will always be an area of focus for higher education institutions, but attracting and recruiting today's students means personalizing outreach, encouraging engagement on multiple channels, and simplifying the application process. Does your recruitment software help you hit your goals or are your legacy methodologies impacting your enrollment outcomes?

The video highlights how Jenzabar Recruitment can help you:

  • Accelerate outreach and optimize engagement through automation.
  • Connect with prospective students and parents earlier than your peer institutions.
  • Create, send, and manage 1:1 text messages through a centralized inbox.
  • Manage in-person and virtual events through a single system.
  • Improve application completion rates by allowing students to start and complete their applications online.
  • Build and customize reports in real time so you can make timely and more informed recruitment decisions.

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