Gartner Report: Top 10 Strategic Technologies Impacting Higher Education in 2020

Industry Insight

Uncover some of the technology trends you should explore in 2020 to gain a competitive advantage.

Beyond the conventional need to leverage technology to modernize and optimize the higher education landscape, institutions should also monitor how emerging technologies can give them in a competitive advantage, especially as the industry consolidates and faces growing scrutiny.

This Gartner report highlights new technologies that may play a role in transforming the higher education landscape. This list does not necessarily highlight "must-have" technologies, but defines strategic technologies that may help institutions expand their IT ecosystem to gain an edge. 

Per our understanding, this report by Gartner covers:

  • The top 10 strategic technologies that may help institutions gain a competitive advantage
  • How emerging solutions are categorized in Gartner's four core technology trend themes: experience, trust, augmentation, and transformation
  • Key considerations institutions should weigh when looking at implementing new technologies across campus

Download your copy of Gartner's report today to gain insight into which disruptive technologies may offer your institution the greatest opportunities for growth. 

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