Data-Driven Financial Aid Decisions

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Strategically assist your students by incorporating data into your financial aid programs.

Financial aid is a major factor that helps students determine if they want to enroll in an institution or return to campus each year. With today's challenging economic environment, awarding timely and accurate financial aid offers to incoming and returning students is even more critical. 

Campuses that have a reliable, data-informed way of finding the ideal balance between an individual's need and willingness to pay are in the best position to make strategic financial aid offers. A data-driven approach is key to making sure funds are used strategically, fairly, and in a way that allows campuses to assist the greatest number of students possible.

This webinar highlights:

  • The value of making data-informed strategic financial aid offers
  • How demographic information, academic history, financial history, and borrower data can affect financial aid offers
  • The impact of financial aid on student enrollment and retention
Jenzabar - Ed Colestock

Ed Colestock

Financial Aid Product Manager

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