2020 Survey of College and University Business Officers

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Institutional chief business officers are facing new challenges and are being pressured to adapt to survive.

In its 10th annual Survey of College and University Business Officers, Inside Higher Ed's 2020 survey of more than 270 chief business officers (CBOs) found that many decision-makers are less confident in their institution's financial stability during the next five and 10 years. To no surprise, the findings come hot on the heels of the COVID-19 pandemic, which is shaking up and utterly transforming the entire higher education atmosphere. Overall, the survey's objective was to identify and present the practices of college and university CBOs as well as their perceptions on pressing issues facing higher education.

This webinar, hosted by Inside Higher Ed, is a recap of the survey's findings, which highlight how the goals of many business officers have changed recently.

The survey outcomes highlighted in this webinar include findings on:

  • Institutional financial health perceptions and outlooks
  • The financial impact of and response to COVID-19
  • Changes to tuition and pricing
  • Ongoing higher ed mergers and consolidations
  • The need for and obstacles associated with institutional agility
  • Continually evolving endowment plans
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