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Support students throughout their entire learning journeys to improve retention and outcomes.

Jenzabar Retention aggregates student information from disparate academic and administrative systems across your campus to create comprehensive student, 360-degree profiles. With deep insight into each student—from academic performance and extracurricular engagement to financial aid and demographic information—you can better identify potential risk factors and enable early intervention tactics to improve student success.  

Jenzabar Retention’s predictive modeling functionality enables you to identify and support at-risk students at the right time and in the right way, allowing you to minimize turnover and improve outcomes.   

The video highlights how Jenzabar Retention can help you:

  • Drive and support student success to increase retention rates
  • Create comprehensive, 360-degree student profiles that provide valuable insight
  • Create personalized, proactive intervention plans to support individual students or specific cohorts
  • Leverage data to improve decision-making about how to support students throughout their learning journeys

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