Using Data to Understand Student Behavior

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Discover why highly engaged students are more likely to succeed.

Despite collecting large volumes of information on students, many colleges and universities have never really leveraged that data to improve engagement and success. Even for the institutions that were analyzing data, the insights gathered through that process often never made it to the front lines or to people who could use the information to interact with students better. Now, thanks to the evolution of data analytics, higher education institutions have new resources that can make turning complex student data into actionable insight a reality.

This report by The Chronicle of Higher Education discusses the opportunities presented to higher education institutions through the use of data analytics. Download this report to dive deeper into:

  • When and how to collect the right student data 
  • How to use student data strategically to improve engagement
  • How to identify and overcome common challenges with using student data 

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Using Data to Understand Student Behavior

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