The Evolving State of Predictive Analytics

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Leverage predictive analytics to support students and deliver more personalized experiences.

Although higher education institutions are aware of the potential benefits associated with using predictive analytics to improve enrollment and retention, many colleges and universities have been slow to follow the business sector’s use of the analytics technologies. In other unfortunate cases, institutions invest in predictive analytics without fully understanding its function or purpose. The truth is that data analytics technologies should not be seen as a panacea; to make effective use of a predictive analytics offering requires good data, trained personnel, and new processes.

This report by The Chronicle of Higher Education highlights the world of predictive analytics, bringing together feedback from real-world case studies and best practices designed to help institutions prepare for and implement data analytics solutions successfully.

Some of the themes outlined in this report include:

  • How is predictive analytics typically used in higher education environments?
  • What barriers exist for colleges that want to adopt analytics but have yet to do so? 
  • What types of questions can a predictive analytics solution answer?
  • What are the best use cases for predictive analytics in higher education?

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The Evolving State of Predictive Analytics

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