Elmira College Consolidates and Modernizes ERP and SIS Capabilities With Jenzabar One

Success Story

Find out how Jenzabar helped Elmira College reduce costs and find new avenues of success.

Before Jenzabar, Elmira College, a private liberal arts college in New York State, struggled with diminishing budgets and dated practices that didn't necessarily incorporate modern technology or operations. In order to improve support for its constituents, deliver better experiences, and drive innovation without negatively impacting the budget, Elmira College selected Jenzabar One, an easy-to-use, cost-effective, and scalable system.

This case study highlights how Elmira College used Jenzabar One to:

  • Improve decision-making with real-time views and updates into budgets and student data
  • Reduce security risk and eliminate paper-based processes by automating billing processes
  • Leverage the early alert system in Jenzabar Retention to improve retention rates
  • Eliminate the need to maintain or replace outdated physical servers
  • Enable more meaningful and personalized student/advisor conversations via degree audits and course scenario planning

Download the case study to learn more about why Elmira College chose Jenzabar One.

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