Brevard College Retains More First-Year Students and Athletes Using Jenzabar Retention

Case Study

Find out how Jenzabar helps Brevard College improve student engagement and reduce student turnover.

For a small institution like Brevard College, a liberal arts college in North Carolina, retaining first-year students is a critical objective, as experiencing too much turnover can have catastrophic results. Using Jenzabar Retention, Brevard College utilizes highly customizable predictive modeling capabilities that allow faculty and staff to identify at-risk students more effectively and intervene early on to keep students engaged and excited about coming back for another year.

This case study highlights how Brevard College has used Jenzabar Retention to:

  • Increase first-year student retention to 70%, up from 50%
  • Establish institution-specific key indicators that identify at-risk students
  • Improve correspondence with students
  • And more

Download the case study to learn why Brevard College chose Jenzabar Retention.

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