What 7 Questions Should You Ask When Buying a Student Information System?


Do you know what you should be looking for in a modern student information system?


Today’s higher education institutions are being asked to perform at a much higher level of efficacy for a more diverse student body than ever before. Institutions need innovative, future-proof student information systems (SIS) that can help them make quick, data-informed decisions that balance their short- and long-term visions and encourage creative and engaging student experiences.

Listen to our audiobook, narrated by Tim Rice, Senior Software Developer at Jenzabar, for a series of questions that will help you identify and define the capabilities you need in a modern student information system.

  • How flexible and adaptable is the SIS?
  • Does the SIS offer robust data analysis capabilities?
  • Why should the SIS be in the cloud?
  • Is the SIS easy to use?

Download the white paper to follow along!

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