Jenzabar SONIS For Technical Institutions

A Student Information System Made for Specialized & Technical Institutions

Jenzabar SONIS offers specialized and technical schools the flexibility and agility to launch and manage competency-based education (CBE) and other innovative programs for the new student and the business community. As a cloud-based, mobile-ready student information system (SIS), Jenzabar SONIS brings together admissions, registration, billing, course management, and other administrative functions into a single, intuitive system with a centralized database to seamlessly connect campus users and operations.


  • Improve data consistency and accessibility by consolidating siloed student information into one system.
  • Track credit and clock hours (or a combination) based on specific program/career major or course needs.
  • Attach competencies to academic programs so students can identify course takeaways.
  • Build, launch, and support CBE programs that enable more flexible and personalized learning journeys.
  • Enable students to demonstrate marketable and employable competencies.
  • Deliver personalized communications to prospective and existing students.

Jenzabar SONIS Features for Specialized & Technical Institutions

Clock & Credit Hour Management

Jenzabar SONIS enables faculty and administrators to capture and track students’ clock hours and credit hours per academic program. The flexibility to track attendance or academic requirements provides faculty with more control and allows teachers and staff to spend more time enabling and empowering student success.

Competency-Based Education Support

Jenzabar SONIS supports CBE programs, which is especially important for specialized or technical institutions. By providing a CBE initiative that allows students to accelerate through academic programs based on their ability to demonstrate predefined competencies, institutions can give students more control over their learning and ensure success outside the classroom. Offer students certificates in addition to transcripts or programs/career majors upon completion.

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