Jenzabar SONIS For Religious Institutions

A Student Information System Designed for Religious Institutions & Seminaries

Jenzabar SONIS enables religious colleges and universities as well as theological seminaries to track or segment faculty commission, licensing, and ordination records and deliver personalized communications to students based on religious affiliation. As a cloud-based, mobile-ready student information system (SIS), Jenzabar SONIS brings together admissions, registration, billing, course management, and other administrative functions in a single, intuitive system.


  • Segment and track faculty and students by religious affiliations or denominations.
  • Personalize student communications based on religious affiliations.
  • Track faculty commission, licensing, and ordination records through a single system.
  • Empower dioceses to stay up to date on sponsored students’ academic performance.
  • Allow students and staff to track volunteer and mission work as part of degree requirements.
  • Enable students to report their volunteer or mission service hours and projects through a centralized platform.

Jenzabar SONIS Features for Religious Institutions

Ministerial Standing

Jenzabar SONIS enables religious institutions to track and segment their student body based on religious affiliations. This allows faculty and staff to tailor communications to religious beliefs without the risk of segregating or offending students.

Sponsor Portal

For religious institutions, Jenzabar SONIS supports a unique portal that allows dioceses to track and monitor the academic performance of their sponsored students. This specialized portal is separate from the conventional portal that students use.

Volunteer & Mission Work Tracking

Jenzabar SONIS provides a full view of the accomplishments associated with students’ volunteer and mission work. It enables students to report their service hours or projects and helps students and staff keep track of volunteer or mission work required for a certification or degree.

We need a web-based central database solution so that we are all using the same information and have access to it for student, course, grading, reporting, and administrative tasks. Also, to meet EU regulations, we must host our servers within the European Union. A web-based system that can be self-hosted is the best solution for us. Jenzabar SONIS does all that for us and more.

Alan Schrock
Director of IT and Library Services
European Nazarene College

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