Jenzabar SONIS For Healthcare Institutions

A Student Information System Built for Nursing and Healthcare Institutions

Jenzabar SONIS is a cloud-based, mobile-ready student information system (SIS). Jenzabar SONIS empowers healthcare-oriented institutions to bring together admissions, certifications and credentials, health records, registration, billing, course management, and other functions in a single, intuitive system. Using a centralized database, Jenzabar SONIS ensures healthcare and nursing institutions can seamlessly connect students, faculty, and staff.


  • Keep data accessible and up to date by managing student information through a single system.
  • Enable easy lock-step program registration by bulking registrations by course and cohort.
  • Maintain up-to-date student health records by tracking test requirements, expirations, and results.
  • Communicate directly with students when health requirements are expiring or overdue.
  • Ensure students are taught by faculty with up-to-date credentials by allowing administrators to identify and monitor staff certifications that are about to expire.
  • Track credit and clock hours (or a combination) based on specific program or course-level needs.

Jenzabar SONIS Features for Healthcare Institutions

Student Health Record Tracking

Jenzabar SONIS utilizes student health record tracking functionality so students, administrators, and staff can review student health information from anywhere. This can include records such as inoculations, insurance, certifications (like CPR), and other health record requirements.

Licensing/Credentials Tracking

Jenzabar SONIS provides a single system that administrators can use to track and document faculty and staff certifications and credentials. This can help institutions ensure that all personnel are properly licensed and up to date with changing healthcare industry standards.

Clinical Rotation Tracking

Jenzabar SONIS includes clinical rotation tracking capabilities so administrators can use a single system to track up-to-date information on students and their rotations. The system enables administrators to see where students are at any given time, which rotations students are completing as well as how long the rotations are, and any other important student notes, including students’ mentors and grades.

Jenzabar has allowed San Juan Bautista School of Medicine to establish a comprehensive student information system to meet student needs. Jenzabar SONIS will help us maximize efficiency, improve information accuracy, and provide tools to facilitate decision-making processes that will help us achieve strategic objectives.

Nelida Rivera
Director of PPOHA Program
San Juan Bautista School of Medicine

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