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Empower Students With a Self-Service, AI-Driven Digital Chatbot

Powered by artificial intelligence (AI), Jenzabar Chatbot acts as an always-on, digital engagement channel that works with any student information system (SIS). Jenzabar Chatbot allows you to empower students to get answers quickly through a convenient, easily navigable, and readily available source of information. Direct students through an automated, self-service channel for more commonly asked questions to free up time for your staff to engage personally with students on more complex challenges.

Jenzabar Chatbot also prompts users with an easy, one-click micro-satisfaction survey using familiar emoticons upon every interaction, providing real-time insight into student happiness. This instant feedback allows you to gain insight into student satisfaction. It provides a window into what students are thinking, feeling, and concerned about so you can identify trends, respond to student needs, and mitigate risk faster and more efficiently.

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Automate and scale student support

Using artificial intelligence and natural language processing, Jenzabar Chatbot evolves and matures with every conversation. While the platform is preconfigured with hundreds of similarly phrased questions with suggested answer templates, you can easily configure additional questions and answers to cater to your unique requirements and trends.

Jenzabar Chatbot supports a micro-satisfaction survey upon every interaction that uses familiar emoticons to enable one-click responses. This allows you to gauge how students are feeling so you can better respond to student needs and mitigate risk.

Additionally, Jenzabar Chatbot enables you to prioritize student safety. If a student’s feedback indicates self-harm or a threat towards others, the conversation is immediately flagged and provides a confidential notification through the appropriate channels. With its safety flagging feature, Jenzabar Chatbot supports compliance with the Clery Act, a law aimed to provide transparency into campus crime policies and statistics.


  • Empower students with an on-demand resource to get quick responses to questions
  • Answer student inquiries via an automated, SIS-agnostic, 24X7 digital channel
  • Reduce the time staff needs to spend on repetitive requests
  • Increase personal attention to students with complex questions
  • Gain insight into trending student needs and topics
  • Take a pulse of student attitudes, motivations, and satisfaction levels

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