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NACUBO 2020 Integrating Analytics Forum

November 9-10, 2020

Learn how to tackle enrollment, retention, and completion challenges as student demographics and expectations shift.

During the event, join us on Monday, November 9 at 1:30 PM for our session, Leveraging Data for Financial Health and Sustainability.

Jenzabar’s Analytics Advisor, Meghan Turjanica, to learn how Jenzabar Analytics allows you to identify trends, make projections, discover opportunities, and take actions that drive institutional and student success. Its robust data analytics and easy-to-use visualization tools put you in control of your data.

The Program Insights Model allows you to dig deep into academic program, course, and section performance with ease. The Financial Health Model provides always-on views into KPIs like the Composite Financial Index, net operating revenues, and more. With intuitive dashboards, Jenzabar Analytics helps you share complex findings with stakeholders across campus to improve transparency and decision-making.

If you can’t attend our session at the event, that’s OK! Let’s schedule a meeting to connect!


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