A Unified Cloud-Ready Higher Ed Platform

Jenzabar One is a flexible, cloud-ready platform exclusive to higher education. Our powerful suite of technology products and services provides your campus with mobile-friendly solutions to drive institutional and student success.

Our Cloud-Ready Higher Education Technology Platform

Jenzabar Analytics
Jenzabar eLearning
Jenzabar Finance
Jenzabar Financial Aid
Jenzabar Advancement
Jenzabar Retention
Jenzabar Student
Jenzabar Recruitment
Jenzabar Human Resources

Make Data-Driven Decisions With Confidence

Turn complex data into strategic insight with a portfolio of descriptive, diagnostic, and predictive analytics tools and capabilities. Jenzabar Analytics gives your institution access to previously untapped resources that can make your organization more agile, more innovative, and more efficient.

Educate Students Through Their Preferred Methods

Cater to the needs of modern students that crave flexibility, personalized attention, online access, and social connections with a digital learning enablement solution. Jenzabar’s eLearning offering allows your faculty and instructors to create dynamic environments that can attract, engage, and captivate today’s digital-native students.

Take an Integrated and Secure Approach to Finance

Ensure and manage your institution’s financial health and well-being through a comprehensive yet configurable offering. Jenzabar Finance brings together accounts receivable/payable, budgeting, purchasing, and other financial processes into a single system designed to identify opportunities for growth while keeping an eye on the bottom line.

Deliver Optimized Award Packages to the Right Students

Make sure you hit your enrollment goals and keep prospective students happy by identifying and delivering financial aid awards to students who need it. Jenzabar Financial Aid enables institutions to provide faster and smarter financial aid services through automation, eliminating manual tasks and ensuring more accurate reporting.

Strengthen Alumni Relations and Exceed Your Fundraising Goals

Jenzabar Advancement will help your development and alumni relations teams answer the call for increased support and strengthened constituent affinity by empowering staff to use insightful donor and alumni information to formulate and execute innovative and creative strategies to enhance your revenue streams.

Proactively Identify Ways to Retain Your Ideal Students

Drive your students to long-term success by identifying and addressing the myriad factors that contribute to student retention. Jenzabar Retention, with its accompanying Student Success Survey module, gives institutions unique insight into both successful and at-risk students, introducing opportunities to provide guidance and support if needed.

Leverage Higher Ed’s Top-Choice Student Information System (SIS)

Maximize engagement across all stages of the student lifecycle with a centralized student information system that brings together data on registration, advising, student life, events, and more. Jenzabar Student allows institutions to access a 360-degree view of students with a configurable, integrated offering designed specifically for higher education.

Personalize Outreach to Recruit Your Best-Fit Students

Jenzabar Recruitment brings together modern communication tools into a comprehensive, cloud-based constituent relationship management (CRM) platform designed to maximize your recruitment efforts and enrollment outcomes. Personalize your communications with prospective students to improve engagement and conversion rates.

Take Care of Your Employees With Innovative, User-Friendly Experiences

Recruit, maintain, and retain the best workforce by enabling self-service access to critical resources like time-off requests, benefits, and payroll information. Jenzabar Human Resources helps institutions prioritize their most valuable assets—people—with an intuitive system that improves employee satisfaction and keeps highly sensitive information secure.

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