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Case Study: Elmira College Consolidates and Modernizes ERP and SIS With Jenzabar One

Elmira College, a private liberal arts college in New York, needed a more modern solution that enabled the institution to improve efficiency, reduce costs, drive innovation, and deliver better experiences for constituents.

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Jenzabar will work with ICE and its member institutions to deliver a modern solution that allows you to focus on what matters: efficiency and student success. Our experience has given us unique insight into what institutions like yours need, allowing us to deliver award-winning solutions and support that will keep you moving forward.

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Takeaways From the Project

What challenges did the college face before partnering with Jenzabar?

  • A diminishing budget left little room for IT innovation.
  • Disparate, legacy IT systems impacted staff performance.
  • The lack of proper data protection practices left sensitive data at risk.
  • Outdated practices, like in-person course registration, hindered student experiences and satisfaction.

After partnering with Jenzabar, the college was able to:

  • Improve decision-making by enabling real-time views and updates of budget and student data.
  • Reduce security risk and eliminate paper-based processes by automating billing.
  • Improve retention rate by leveraging the early alert system.
  • Achieve cost savings by eliminating the need to maintain or replace outdated physical servers.
  • Enable more meaningful and personalized student/advisor conversations via degree audits and course scenario planning.

Snapshot Testimonial

"Jenzabar’s ERP and SIS allowed our college to eliminate disparate and inefficient systems and leverage a campus-wide, user-friendly platform that enables teams to be more productive, agile, and responsive to student needs. Jenzabar’s team and support have really been game-changers for us, helping us find innovative ways to reduce cost without compromising quality or performance."

Brian Cornell
Elmira College

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