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At Jenzabar, we translate advances in technology into advances in educational opportunities. Our products have helped more than 1,350 campuses worldwide fulfill their missions. From recruitment to retention to alumni engagement, we have enabled our clients to be a difference maker for generations of students.

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Jenzabar has improved our efficiency in many departments on campus. Our office of Student Success has developed a system of early intervention using the Jenzabar Retention software that has kept our retention rate consistently above 90% and increased our level of engagement with students. Workflow has been improved, access to student data has been simplified, and data and reporting tools are much more accurate.,format&rect=104,0,325,325&w=200&h=200
Alaina Mount
Assistant Dean of Student Affairs
Bluefield College,format,format&rect=433,0,1354,1354&w=200&h=200
Alaina Mount
Assistant Dean of Student Affairs
Gordon College,format
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